don’t be so hypocritical

turns out that not all you’re friends are who you think they are. today i’m going to talk about how one of my friends showed her true colours.


remember ‘the bitch’ I told you about in my last post? well more shit has gone down and here I am to update you. so when ‘the bitch’ snitched on me she snitched on me with one of her friends, lets just call her ‘bitch #2’. so ‘the bitch’ and ‘bitch #2’ recently had a fight which caused bitch #2 to switch over to my side. I think its funny how one person can quickly switch sides in such a short amount of time, but that’s not even the part about how my own friend revealed her true colours. now this friend that I had would give ‘the bitch’ so much backlash for snitching on us but today she turned around and did the exactly the same thing to ‘the bitch’ WITH bitch #2. now I understand that my friend might have still been upset with with this girl, but for her to give her so much shit and then turn around and do the exact same thing with one of the girls that got me into trouble seems a little stupid.

that’s all for today babies, see you in my next post.


it takes 2 to tango

‘it takes 2 to tango’ my girl Angel always says, but even though it takes two only one will get the blame. I was expelled from my school just recently and I am going to tell you all the juicy details of how and why.

After a weekend with my girls, it was Sunday night and Angel was copping heat from a bitch. Angel messaged Coolcat, Prettyprincess & I. Of course, we messaged this bitch, we protect each other in our group. It’s just true friendship. As I was messaging this girl and telling her to stop messing with my girl she felt the need to bring personal things into the conversation. If you guys didn’t know the only way I know how to deal with these things is through fighting. You know Bunnyboo, feisty as always. Anyways I blocked the girl online, but the next day at school is when it all went down. Angel and Prettyprincess were staying back in fashion to finish off their projects, those 2 girls really do have a passion for fashion. While Coolcat and I were already out for lunch. I kept reflecting on what the ‘bitch’ had to see me and I had to go and find her. I reacted in an aggressive way and she was taken in an ambulance. The school expelled me but never acknowledged what the other girl had said which caused me to act this way. No matter what happens protect your girls but most importantly yourself. At the end of the day you only have you & your girls, cherish that forever.


hey, so im sasha (bunnyboo). this blog is going to give you the juiciest parts of my secrets and an inside on my life. in this blog you are going to hear about my 3 best friends. Angel, Coolcat & Prettyprincess. We are inseparable and absolutely insane. stay tuned ❤